REGLAB team smiling and looking in into camera

Interface is a free and impartial service which aims to stimulate demand for knowledge exchange and innovation helping companies to collaborate with academics to solve business challenges.

Inspired by the Interface model of impartial brokerage, REG LAB Denmark has received funding from Interreg EU to set up and test a model for a single point of entry for businesses to the research institutions in Copenhagen and Southern Sweden.

The name of the point of entry is "Oresund Match". 

Around 25 representatives from the nine partners in the Oresund Match project undertook a learning workshop with the Interface team on Monday 17th May 2021 to understand what the Oresund Region can learn from Interface. 

The representatives were drawn from the five partner universities/research institutions (among them The Technical University of Denmark and University of Lund in Southern Sweden), three business service providers who will work with the businesses to scope their requirements and REG LAB as project manager.   They were joined by Lars Christensen, Head of Division in the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

REGLAB sought to gain a deeper understanding of how Interface impartial brokerage works, and how it collaborates with enterprises, universities and local/regional business service providers by way of inspiration and learning.

Dr Siobhán Jordan – Founding Director of Interface and Laura Goodfellow, Head of Business Engagement were joined by Anna Paaso, Knowledge exchange co-ordinator, University of Highlands and Islands, and John MacGillivray, Business Advisor, Business Gateway Aberdeen City & Shire. 

The Danish and Swedish delegates were particularly impressed with the wide range of businesses from all industry sectors supported by Interface along with the impartial methods in place to unlock expertise, knowledge, talent and specialist facilities from all academic disciplines.