Oil and Gas Innovation Centre will support business and academic partnerships

OGIC is a new Oil and Gas Innovation Centre set up to work with SMEs to deliver innovative solutions to the key challenges facing businesses operating in the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS).   £10.6 million funding was approved by the Scottish Funding Council to create OGIC.  Its role is to enable the development of new technologies which are needed to bring down operating costs, improve productivity in the UKCS and address innovation requirements in decommissioning. 

Many of the improvements in technology innovations will be delivered by SMEs and OGIC will support them in this ambition by linking to additional resource and expertise in the research institutes and universities.   Based in Aberdeen it plans to deliver and part-fund over 100 projects in the next 5 years which will fast track new, innovative solutions for the oil and gas industry.

The OGIC priorities are:

  1. Subsea – including Subsea Tie Backs, Separation, Injection and Metering.
  2. Seismic and Reservoir Characterization – including subsurface imaging.
  3. Asset integrity and life extension.
  4. Decommissioning.
  5. Enhanced Oil Recovery.
  6. Production Optimisation.
  7. Well Construction, Drilling and Completions including High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT). 
  8. Shale Gas exploitation.

OGIC will link over 2300 oil and gas operators and service companies to Universities and research institutes and has  access to over 500 academic staff and researchers in Scotland working not only in oil & gas related fields, but indirectly related areas as diverse as gaming technologies or novel materials.    

Here to work with companies to commercialise new technologies, OGIC will help to find the right technology partner and funding available to develop and test new ideas.  

Paul de Leeuw, Chairman of OGIC said “we are anticipating exciting times ahead as we progress significant developments in innovation with our partners in academia and industry”.

The OGIC partnership, comprising Universities, Interface, Scottish Enterprise, the Energy Technology Partnership (ETP), the Industry Technology Facilitator (ITF), Oil and Gas UK and industry representatives, will be fully focused on setting up the Oil and Gas Innovation Centre for success and for it to become a key delivery mechanism to help unlock the value prize remaining in the North Sea.

OGIC looks forward to working with Interface.  There is a great opportunity for real and genuine collaboration in oil and gas innovation particularly given the changing structure of the industry and the nature of the challenges. 

If you want to find out more about OGIC you can contact them on info@ogic.co.uk