The Scottish Craft Distillers Association (SCDA) has called for the introduction of a duty rebate to support the craft spirits industry.

The body, which represents nearly 20 members, said a tax break akin to the Small Breweries’ Relief Scheme for craft brewers would play a key role in helping the sector develop.

SCDA members include the Glasgow Distillery Company, the Shetland Distillery Company, Arbikie Distilling and Eden Mill.

The SCDA’s remit is to encourage the growth of craft distilling in Scotland by assisting the development of its member companies.

The organisations say they are trying to seek support for the principle of a tax break before exploring the specific extent of duty rebate.

Paul Miller from Eden Mill told The Herald: “If the duty rebate could be applied to genuinely small batch distillers it would energise and stimulate the market, make it attractive to new entrants, and give consumers more choice.

“Our view is that this can ensure that the authenticity and integrity of the industry is maintained.

“We believe it can really stimulate the same growth in the industry as we have seen in craft brewing.”

He added: “There are parallels in the US, where they are looking to introduce something similar in certain states.”