Climate change

Weathering the storm, come rain or shine tourists are used to donning raincoats to brave the Scottish weather, however tourism businesses are being urged to think about the impact of an increasing number of severe weather events caused by changes in the country’s climate. Heavy downpours, flooding and even heatwaves will increasingly affect tourism in a number of ways such as unpredictable visitor numbers, delays with essential supplies, damage to buildings and landscapes being altered. 

Anna Beswick, Programme Manager, Adaptation Scotland Programme, said:

“The plans and investments the tourism industry makes today will determine how we live with climate change in years to come. “The tourism sector is and will continue to be affected by the changes taking place in Scotland’s climate. These changes bring lots of challenges and opportunities.” 

Dr Fiona Hutchison, Sector Engagement Executive for Tourism at Interface, said:

“The impact of climate change on tourism can have knock-on effects down the supply chain – as we have seen last winter with lack of snow affecting ski operators, accommodation providers, hospitality and retail companies and attractions which normally benefit from the boost in winter visitors. 

“As climate change is a global issues and tourism is a worldwide phenomenon, Scotland needs to be ahead of the curve to stay competitive. Tourism businesses, membership organisations and public agencies are all keen to build up resilience. However, with such a huge challenge as climate change its important to work together and bring in expertise from Scotland’s world-class universities. “

Interface and Adaptation Scotland have partnered to stage an event. Scottish Tourism Fit for our Future event supporting climate change resilience within tourism businesses and destinations will take place on 18th October in Edinburgh.