Construction Support

Interface Facilitates Construction Support

The construction industry is vital to Scotland’s economy and communities. It impacts environment; private and public building, transport links – the places in which we live and work. Interface understand the value of new projects within the construction sector and are able to offer partnerships with Scottish higher education institutes to help develop these ventures.

If you are a business or organisation looking for construction support or to develop innovative ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are able to provide partnerships with academia which could be a starting point for you to re-evaluate, streamline and improve your product, process or service.

Ways we can help your project

Recent projects have seen companies looking to academia for expertise, technologies and facilities including:

  • Testing of materials for performance, sustainability, durability and strength
  • Research into new technologies around low-carbon and sensor development
  • Designing processes where energy efficiencies and cost savings can be made
  • Utilising cutting edge technologies to help with asset monitoring, new materials and processes
  • Assist with asset and management planning
  • Fore sighting of new technologies, processes and design
  • 3D visualisation, haptic technology, augmented reality – visual representation of information


Specialist Facilities for Construction Support

Turning your concept into reality, no matter your sector or what material you have designed your product for, is possible through the vast range of specialist facilities and supporting technical resource. Explore some options which may help those in the construction industry:

  • Forging: Scotland houses world class bespoke research facilities for metal forging using highly specialized equipment such as presses, furnaces and drilling machines.
  • Laser Cutting: Laser cutting is ideal for all kinds of projects including creating prototypes
  • Strength Testing: Strength testing is fundamental to examine how a material will react under force.


Interface Free and Impartial Services

For further information and to find out how Interface can help with your product, service or idea simply contact us. A member of our Business Engagement team would be delighted to help.