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Financial services in Scotland span over 300 years thus developing a strong infrastructure including; nearly 86,000 people directly employed, a strong academic research base and a supportive political environment. Overall, Scotland is recognised as one of Europe’s leading financial centres with Edinburgh being the UK’s second financial centre after London, and Europe’s fourth by equity assets.

Due to this, Scotland is a hub of innovation for the sector, with product development for financial services being part of this long history. Interface are proud to offer the financial services support through knowledge exchange with Scotland’s finest education institutes, as well as facilitating funding from the Scottish Funding council.

Ways we can help your project 

Scotland has hundreds of world-leading academic experts and facilities across a range of disciplines such as economics, mathematics, accounting, informatics, engineering, business and computing which are of benefit to product development in the financial services sector. Are you aware of the current research being undertaken in this key sector?

  • Risk Assessment, Risk Analysis, Risk Management, Asset Risk Management, and Optimal Maintenance Strategies to further enhance the quality and understand financial risk management.
  • Algorithms, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cognitive computing.
  • Database management systems and high-performance computing – the development of high performance methods for risk calculations to highly detailed data mining analyses.
  • Informatics database systems and theory.
  • Market Research – accounting and financial markets research to create practical application of accounting, finance and investment.
  • Methods to improve security and fraud detection.
  • Frameworks to assess client attitude to risk.
  • Computer Engineering – development of financial computing engines to process complex financial models in a fraction of the time required by existing software approaches.
  • Mobile networks and security – exploring not just the technology but how people interact with it and how it impacts society.
  • Economics – macro-policy modelling, and central bank independence.

Product Development Financial Services: Case Studies 

Investment Solver (Inbest) paired with Edinburgh Napier University and the University of Edinburgh: Discover the Case Study.

  • The company has developed a digital platform called Inbest, a data analytics platform that aims to democratise the access to wealth management. Inbest enables financial institutions to provide a holistic, personal and realistic financial planning service. This solution automates the financial planning process by gathering and analyzing customers’ financial data. 

Investors in People Scotland paired with University of Glasgow: Discover the Case Study.

  • The company vision is to help transform performance and productivity in Scotland by encouraging, enabling and recognising the use of the Investors in People methodology to improve the way in which people are led, managed and developed. 

Specialist Facilities

Turning your concept into reality, no matter your sector or what material you have designed your product for, is possible through the vast range of specialist facilities and supporting technical resource. Explore some options which may help those working on product development in financial services:

  • Power System Labs – Supporting electrical power, renewable energy, system operation and protection the HEI’s power systems labs can carry out testing, modelling and designing of electrical systems.
  • Manufacturing – Our HEI’s can help with manufacturing research & development by testing and developing different processes and techniques. There is a huge range of industry specification equipment to support manufacturing processes across all sectors.

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