Team Members

Marc Crothall

Appointed as the first CEO of the Scottish Tourism Alliance (STA) Marc has been at its helm since its inception in 2012. He is responsible for the day to day operations and leadership of the organisation which is acknowledged as being the overarching tourism industry trade body that is “the voice of Scotland’s tourism Industry”.

The STA has under its umbrella of membership circa 75% of the 27000 Tourism business that operate length and breadth of the country. The STA are also the lead strategic guardians and co-ordinators of Scotland’s national tourism Strategy Tourism Scotland 2020. The organisation delivers and variety of events across the country the largest being the annual Scottish Tourism week programme in March each year. In 2016 the programme engaged 4000 + into the tourism conversation.

Marc also chairs the STA Council, the National Marine Tourism Development Group, is acting Vice Chair of the Thistle Awards industry panel, a member of the VS Growth Fund panel and also represents Scotland’s interests on the UK Tourism Industry Council.

Prior to taking on what he describes as a very unique job and one of the best in Scotland he has had 35+ years working in the front line of the Hospitality, Event, Sport & Leisure industries across the globe for both large organisations and small rural business. He believes that he is able to build strong relations with most operating in the sector because he understands what it’s like to be at the sharp end having worked in both city and rural destinations!

A lover all things Scottish especially his Glaswegian wife, coupled with the fact all five of his children 25yrs to twins of 8 have been born in Scotland despite his accent he considers himself a well and truly adopted Scot!