Scottish craft distillers call for new tax break

21 July 2015

The Scottish Craft Distillers Association (SCDA) has called for the introduction of a duty rebate to support the craft spirits industry.

The body, which represents nearly 20 members, said a tax break akin to the Small Breweries’ Relief Scheme for craft brewers would play a key role in helping the sector develop.

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Failure to appreciate food is harming the planet

21 July 2015

OUR FAILURE to take time to appreciate our food is driving the consumption of products that harm the planet, says Helen Pratt, Project Manager at Interface Food & Drink.  Fresh fruit and vegetables are readily available, but we often choose products that are heavily processed and pre-packed.

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The Scottish Institute for Remanufacture Call for Proposals

15 July 2015

The Scottish Institute for Remanufacture (SIR) is a pan-Scotland hub designed to stimulate innovation and collaboration in remanufacturing. SIR will co-fund collaborative projects between universities and businesses to increase the amount of remanufacturing conducted, or to improve current remanufacturing operations.

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Dame Ann Dowling

Interface welcomes Dame Ann Dowling’s review of business-university research collaboration

08 July 2015

The team at Interface welcomes Dame Ann Dowling’s review of business-university research collaboration and her subsequent discussion at the Science and Technology Committee on Tuesday 7th July 2015.

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Clear road ahead for innovative businesses

24 June 2015

The eight embryonic Innovation Centres (ICs) which fledged in 2013-14, are now well on their way to maturity, having appointed chief executives and teams to deliver their ambitions. 

Results are already emerging, but like any new start, the real impact will be seen further down the road.

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The next step is on the horizon

23 June 2015

Innovation is key to the success of Scottish businesses and to the wider Scottish economy.

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Brewing collaboration hopes to sail to success

10 June 2015

The Lerwick Brewery has teamed up with the University of the Highlands and Islands to develop a new beer. Kjøl, pronounced ‘chill’, has been created to celebrate the annual Bergen to Shetland yacht race which takes place from 24 to 29 June. The event, now in its 29th year, sees around 200 competitors sail from the Norwegian city to Lerwick in up to 40 vessels. 
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United food producers reap rewards

10 June 2015

Scotland is renowned for its rich and diverse larder – and 2015 is shining a spotlight on the industry with the Year of Food and Drink. Innovation is crucial to the future success of the food and drink industry, not only to improve all aspects of the supply chain, but also to remain as competitive as possible on a global level. 

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Digital Health & Care Institute (DHI) Call for Innovation – Outpatients Redesign

08 June 2015

The DHI is pleased to launch the fifth ‘Call for Innovation Proposals’.

This call seeks innovative projects and technologies to support the redesign of Outpatient Services, focusing on improving the patient experience through enhanced logistics, communication and joint care planning.

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Legal ease for businesses

28 May 2015

New legal templates to streamline the process of businesses working with universities are to be rolled out across Scotland.

Scotland’s 19 universities have agreed to use the new legal documents, which have been developed by Universities Scotland and Interface, for projects funded through the Scottish Funding Council’s Innovation Vouchers Scheme.

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