Bike business with big ambitions

21st July 2017

Deep in Argyll you will find a man passionate about making our roads safer. Clive Rumbold from MotoScotland believes training motorcycle riders in varied off-road skills will reduce the number of serious accidents involving motorcycles.

With plans for expansion MotoScotland wanted to understand the global market so they came to Interface to access specialist academic support in this field.

Interface’s Shaie MacDonald (Business Engagement Executive) asked Clive a bit about his business and working with academic expertise to develop his offroad biking centre.  

Describe your business in under 10 words.

Exhilarating; inspirational; fun; breathtaking; scenic; active; achieving; rewarding; improving.

What inspired you to set up your own business?

My wife and I were highly passionate about off roading and believed that we weren’t the only people in Scotland who wanted a venue to enjoy trail riding safely and legally. We wanted to share Scotland’s incredible off road scenery, wildlife, geography and geology and provide facilities so people had everything they might need to participate.

Where do you want to take the business – regional, Scotland-wide or global?

We aim to open up other centres in Scotland and offer off road trips in the UK and abroad in the future.

What was the issue you wanted to overcome by working with academics?

We wanted to find out about the global size of Scotland’s motorcycle tourism market and needed specialist marketing help.

What benefits did the collaboration bring to your business?

We are still working on the project with University of Stirling, but we expect the information to be very valuable in shaping the future.

What impact has it had in terms of growth/jobs/new products/financial savings?

The impact of this could be globally very significant for the Scottish market. We would expect it to globally create more jobs through growth of the Scottish motorcycle tourism market. Most motorcycling businesses in Scotland should see a positive effect.

What gets you up on a Monday morning?

We work on the weekends and Monday is normally an administration and bike repair day for us at MotoScotland. What’s gets us up every day is a zest for life/living and the fact that we are lucky to be alive, healthy and doing what we are doing – all in stunning location in Scotland (not to mention having great fun with our customers on bikes).