Hungry for knowledge (exchange!)

17th November 2021
Written by: Glen Rutter, Interface

Joining Interface mid-pandemic hasn’t prevented our newest team member, Glen Rutter, from hitting the ground running as Marketing Executive. We thought we’d find out more about what makes him tick, what he’s learned so far about the world of knowledge exchange and what he does day-to-day in his role.

When did you start at Interface and what’s your background?

I joined the Interface team in August of 2021, covering for Alina Mason who is currently away on maternity leave. It’s been an interesting experience joining the team mid-pandemic, but everybody has been extremely welcoming, and made me feel part of the team.

I graduated in 2016 and since then I have taken up many jobs across different sectors! When I landed an internship in Shelter Scotland’s Marketing and Communications department, I began to realise that I had a knack for digital marketing and began to think of it as a potential career. Moving on from Shelter, I began working for Techcomp, an international tech company based in Livingston. Whilst here, I really honed my digital marketing skills and began to understand the ways to deliver a creative marketing strategy.

What does your role incorporate?

As a Marketing Executive I help to coordinate most of Interfaces web presence. I look after Interfaces website, social media platforms and help in the organisation of events, such as the Scottish Knowledge Exchange Awards in March 2022. The main responsibility of somebody in my position is to make sure businesses in Scotland are aware that Interface are here, and that that they understand the services we are offering.

What does a typical day look like?

I’ll start my day by reviewing our social media platforms – which you can find here (FacebookTwitterLinkedIn) – to see what’s going on with our partners. I’ll make sure they’re updated with any relevant news for our followers and keep an eye on this during the day. My days vary as there are often different projects to be working on, however, the fundamentals always stay the same. Within the team we’ll be thinking of new ways to showcase our services, delivering creative comms, and working together to problem solve.  

What advice would you give businesses which want to collaborate with academic expertise?

My experience at Interface has opened my eyes to the range of academic support that is available to businesses across Scotland. I would implore any business owner to have a look at the services they offer, and to analyse whether any of them could benefit from academic expertise. It is a free and smoothly run service, which is bound to add value to your company. You only regret the choices you don’t take!

What three words sum you up?

I think it would depend on who you ask and on what day – but I’ll go for: creative, open-minded and hungry!