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25th November 2020
Written by: Laura Goodfellow, Interface

Laura Goodfellow, is Head of Business Engagement at Interface, leading the regional team which builds relationships with businesses, and matchmakes them with universities and colleges across Scotland. In this blog, she reflects on the many reasons why Interface can make a real difference to so many.

This year, we have been proud to celebrate our 15th birthday.

Our campaign, #15 Faces, celebrating the many people who are involved in different aspects of Interface, has come to an end, however the commitment, partnership working and vision we have as an organisation will continue, we hope for many years to come.

That is why we are marking this week with a mystery 16th face – who could it be? 

Here are the top 5 reasons businesses and organisations should consider tapping into the immense knowledge and expertise available to them in our world-leading academic institutions.

  1. Brings fresh thinking into your business. Tapping into external expertise can bring a whole new way of looking at an old problem. We have over 100 case studies showing the innovative projects we have supported from all sectors, across Scotland.
  2. Funding to support projects between businesses and academics is available and Interface can help with identifying the best funding to develop or scale partnerships.
  3. Ready-made legal templates. To simplify the process of collaborating with a research partner, all 19 Scottish universities have agreed a series of downloadable, standardised legal agreements that are agreed by both parties prior to a project starting. Clarity and agreement around IP from the start allows everyone to get on with the exciting development/research.
  4. Impacts are many and varied – including creating new products, services and processes ; safeguarding jobs; breaking into new markets; enhancing workplace processes; turning ideas into invoices; increasing profits; sustaining businesses; boosting the economy; enabling more resilient communities; bolstering well-being through employment; contributing to the green economy; upskilling students; bringing new knowledge into Higher Education; making Scotland a better place to live and work.
  5. We’re here to listen and discuss where partnering with a university or college could take your business. #virtualcuppa

So, what are you waiting for – could you be our 16th face of the future? Contact us to find out how we could help you and your organisation…