New Year, new idea

Laura Goodfellow
9th January 2023
Written by: Laura Goodfellow, Interface

What are your New Year’s resolutions?

If you are in business, or work for an organisation such as a charity or in the third sector, do you have research and development plans to improve or change your business model or products, or service, on your list?

Did you know that collaborating with a university could offer the perfect solution?

Perhaps you haven’t even considered it, or if you have, think it might be hard to know what each university can offer. Or even if they would want to work with a small business or charity like yours.

The great news is that they most definitely do – in fact 84 % of businesses Interface matches to university expertise are small and medium-sized. We also liaise closely with public sector organisations to support collaborations with universities, and can help to identify possible funding solutions designed to support innovative ideas.

So, what can Interface do to help? We have contacts at every one of Scotland’s higher education institutions, research institutes and colleges. This means that we can send them a project outline of what your organisation is looking to develop, test, analyse or create.  We then work with all our partners to ensure that we match you to the right institution and academic team.

Our team, who are based regionally throughout Scotland covering every location, will always help you develop the project scope, leaving you more time for your business.

What might partnering with a university be like? The talent pool in Scotland’s universities is vast and includes social scientists, such as psychologists, and virtual reality geniuses, along with many more disciplines.

The magic really starts when these exciting new partnerships start talking, sparking ideas and bringing their knowledge to the table.

Feedback from businesses we’ve matched includes: “The information we got was invaluable and really successful. Interface is an amazing resource linking businesses and universities in Scotland. It’s a win-win.”  

Or: “The students were an absolute pleasure to engage with. Interface helped set up a good relationship that I hope will last for a long time to come!”   

The question is what will you resolve to do this year? Getting in touch with Interface is a good start and exploring our website is the first step on a new journey which could make all the difference in 2023.

Check out what to expect here.