Supporting Scottish innovations to thrive

13th June 2019

Scotland is home to so many world-changing inventions, there may be some everyday items we all use but not everyone will know that a Scottish Inventor was behind them. 

Some have completely changed the way we live and work – and we’re thrilled to see that this pioneering spirit is alive and well in Scotland. At Interface, we get to see and work with businesses that come up with some really amazing projects to develop new or improved products, services or processes – and our strong link into universities, colleges and research institutions means we can play a part in helping these businesses turn their ideas into reality, boosting the Scottish economy and creating new jobs.

On World Creativity and Innovation Day, Scotland is Now celebrated Scotland’s innovative and inventive spirit which featured two clients that Interface has helped – Sunamp Ltd and Attis Fitness Ltd.

Realising that there had been few recent innovations in heat storage Sunamp Ltd, matched by Interface, collaborated with The University of Edinburgh for a number of years to develop heat batteries that store energy as heat, which can be released on-demand to provide heat and hot water. Not only that, Sunamp heat batteries can also help address the pressing issue of fuel poverty through their efficient heat storage system. Read the full case study here

Attis Fitness are creating a new landscape in the future of sports and fitness by merging electronics into wearables in different and innovative ways. Interface matched Attis Fitness to the CENSIS IoT Centre’s expertise and facilities, hosted by the University of Glasgow. Through this, the company was able to fast-track their product to develop a prototype prior to seeking investment. Elite athletes and teams use motion capture to analyse techniques and performance which helps them attain a competitive edge. Products being developed by Attis will specialise in inertial motion capture which provides greater insight for coaches and trainers from a variety of sports. 

There are many more examples of inventive and innovative projects that we have helped which reach across Scotland and every industry sector. Read our case studies here. And I am excited to be attending the Scottish Edge Grand Final tonight (Thursday, 13 June) when we will discover “the next big things” from the world of business, many of whom we have supported.

We are keen to help all business ideas whose potential needs to be unlocked. If you are a business that could benefit from working with a university, college or research institute to test or develop your innovative idea, please get in touch