Winners celebrate ongoing success

Sean Kerr of Sustainable Thinking Scotland sprinkles some biochar out of a packet
16th November 2023
Written by: Suzy Powell, Interface

As the Scottish Knowledge Exchange Awards gear up for their 9th celebration next March, we caught up with past winners to find out what they’re doing now, how their organisations and careers have developed since, and what advice they might give for this year’s applicants.

Sean Kerr, Sustainable Thinking Scotland CIC, Innovation of the Year winner 2023.

“Since winning, we have launched our new biochar product range, offering our sustainable soil amendment for people with houseplants, all the way up to avid allotment gardeners! Our packaging and marketing materials were designed by a student at the University of Glasgow: Adam Smith Business School, stemming from additional academic connections we made thanks to Interface. Selling through our website – and soon to be Amazon, eBay, and Meta stores – it’s been well-received by gardeners and growers, and winning the award definitely helped raise our profile at just the right time.

“We even had a visit from His Majesty King Charles in July, an avid biochar enthusiast himself, who shared his passion for plants, growing and sustainability with the STS team. We are hopeful that our Biochar Circular Economy Model can continue to expand, allowing us to support the people of Scotland with waste management, carbon capture, environmental improvement, and green construction solutions.” 

Juliette Farrell, Innovator of the Future winner 2022

 “To anyone thinking of applying, I would say “just go for it”. Definitely make sure to show your enthusiasm and all the hard work you’ve been doing…winning has helped expand my professional network and given me some great opportunities.”

The deadline for the 2024 Scottish Knowledge Exchange Awards is Wednesday, 6 December 2023. Applications forms can be found here.  

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