University Assets - There for the taking!

17th April 2015

Scotland’s universities have a wealth of expertise that can help companies with new product processes and development. However, it is not just expertise and know-how services that companies can engage with and access, there is also a vast range of equipment and technologies which can support industry.

Facilities and equipment to test, create & develop new ideas

Hundreds of pieces of equipment and cutting edge facilities are used every day for scientific research throughout Scotland and are widely available for commercial use for testing, creating and developing new ideas.

From 3D printers for prototyping, to environmental test equipment such as wave simulators and environmental chambers; sensory suites to gain consumer feedback, and tools for materials analysis, Scotland’s universities are a rich resource for company support.

Using university equipment is a cost effective solution, saving company expense from in-house purchases and staff training for advanced top of the range equipment that may only be required for short term project specific use.

Technologies to fast track your research & development

Research carried out in our universities leads to innovations that can improve our everyday lives and these technologies are available for companies to develop into new commercial products and services. Working with academics who are experts in their field can provide a company with a more efficient product development process leading to new product lines, new services and faster lead time to market.

Dermofit is a great example of this academic to industry technology transfer process. The University of Edinburgh created a digital training tool utilising an extensive image library of skin lesions and growths. This technology was then licensed to a digital healthcare company and is now being developed as a training app for medical professionals to help improve early skin cancer diagnosis. 

To ensure your products are underpinned by market and scientific research contact Interface who can help to locate the equipment, innovations and expertise no matter what industry you are from or what product you are developing.