The Scottish Inward Investment Catalyst Fund (IICF) has been developed by Interface and the Scottish Government to attract and support businesses, not yet located in Scotland but with an interest in developing a presence here. The fund is aligned with Scotland’s Inward Investment Plan and Scottish Government’s values centred around a fair, sustainable and inclusive low carbon future.

As well as funding the project, it provides an opportunity for the company to develop relationships and give insight into other aspects of the Scottish ecosystem, such as further investment opportunities, supply chains and the skills base to strengthen the case for investing in Scotland.

Funding awards of up to £10,000 can be applied for to pay for input from a Scottish academic partner into projects with businesses. The fund can support the costs of an initial collaboration such as, but not limited to; feasibility study (e.g. for a joint R&D centre); roadmap to leverage investment for joint R&D; early-stage proof of concept; supporting talent and skills for R&D.

Businesses will need to demonstrate their aspiration and intent to use the fund, the outcomes from the project and relationships with academia to potentially develop a pathway towards setting up a presence in Scotland i.e. research & development or manufacturing operations. 

Projects should align with at least one of the nine key opportunity areas where Scotland’s strengths match global investment flows:

The submission deadline has now passed. Subject to available funding, we will look to open up another round in April/May 2024.


The Scottish Inward Investment Catalyst Fund is open to businesses of any size currently engaged or looking to engage with a Scottish University, College, Research Institute, Innovation Centre or Research Pool but without an existing base of operations in Scotland. Innovation Centres and Research Pools can apply via their host academic institution partner and Interface can direct you to the relevant KE personnel who can support the application.   

The Scottish Inward Investment Catalyst Fund will work on the same principles as the Scottish Funding Council’s Innovation Voucher programme with some additional allowances:

For any questions on eligibility or any other queries please contact:

Contact us if you do not have an academic partner or if you have any questions on the scheme:  

With connections into all Scottish academic institutions, Interface has established and efficient processes that can support and speed up the process of finding and accessing the most appropriate academic expertise and facilities.

Eligible Costs

Funding awards up to £10,000 in value, which will cover the Scottish University, College, Research Institute or Innovation Centre’s project costs (e.g. time, facilities and consumables) in order to carry out the project and disseminate the project findings to the company and wider industry (if appropriate). Companies will need to contribute an equal value in kind i.e. staff time, materials, equipment and data supplied / collated or cash. The award will be paid to the lead academic partner’s institution. 

Documents & Forms

Download the full Terms and Conditions by clicking here: Terms & Conditions 

Download the Legal Forms by clicking here: Legal Forms

Download the application form by clicking here: Application Form 

Case Studies

Past recipients of the Scottish Inward Investment Catalyst Fund have reaped significant benefits from this opportunity. Discover our case studies to explore the success stories of previous winners, including Smartify, Evolve Hydrogen and Ecomar Propulsion.

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