The University of Edinburgh

10th October 2022

The University of Edinburgh is Scotland’s leading research university with an international reputation for world-class research across a wide range of disciplines, including biotechnology, medicine and veterinary science, proteomics & genomics, e-science, engineering and electronics, information and communication technologies, materials science and micro-and nano-systems.

It has long been regarded as a major centre for scientific research and discovery and can easily demonstrate the major influences it has had on advances in science and technology.

Through Edinburgh Innovations, the University is very successful in commercialising the major scientific advances, discoveries, inventions and innovations generated by this research, through new company formation and partnerships with industry, both within the UK and around the world.

Edinburgh College of Art entered a new era on 1 August 2011 when it merged with the University of Edinburgh. The College now combines with the University’s School of Arts, Culture and Environment to create a new Edinburgh College of Art within the University containing Art, Design, Music, Architecture and Landscape Architecture, and History of Art.