The University of the Highlands and Islands

10th October 2022

The University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI) is the only university based solely in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. UHI provides access to undergraduate and postgraduate study and research opportunities through a distinctive educational partnership of colleges and research institutions (the UHI academic partners).

Each academic partner has its own character and contributes to the distinctive organisation that is the University of the Highlands and Islands. Some are relatively large colleges in the urban centres of the region such as Perth, Elgin and Inverness. Others are smaller institutions, including some whose primary focus is on research. All, however, have a student-centred culture and an individual approach to student learning.

UHI research is promoted through various research centres and academic departments which include established research in environmental science, marine science, renewable energy and sustainability, health, archaeology and various developing research environments.

With the further development of research, and the funding UHI has attracted, this research base will help develop the Highland economy and attract world class researchers to the area to utilise its diverse landscape and resources.

UHI gained full university status in February 2011, evolving from the higher education institution UHI Millennium Institute. There are currently over

8000 students studying on undergraduate and postgraduate courses, as well as many undertaking groundbreaking research with UHI.